26 January 2009

Animal Valentines Freebie

For Any Animal Lovers out there ...

(Make sure you are using the Minima template.)

Click here to enlarge

1. Copy all the code in the box below by hi-lighting it and
pressing "CTRL and C" at the same time.

2. Log in to your blogger blog.

3. Click on "Customise" to take you to the, "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page.

4. Click on "Add Gadget" scroll down to "HTML/JavaScript" and click on the blue "+" sign.

5. Paste the above code in the Contents
box using "CTRL and V".
(You can leave the Title box blank.)

6. Click "Save".

Header to match ....

1. Click the image below to enlarge.

2. Right click and, "save as".

With Text:
Click here to enlarge before saving

3. Edit your header and upload it from your PC. If choosing the blank header below, make sure you set the placment as:

"Behind title and description"

So it shows your text.

Blank Header:
Click here to enlarge before saving



  1. Thank you so much for this adorable background. It's soooo cute. I have one question...When it displays on my blog I only get the center of the design. It's cutting off the top and bottom of the cute frame. Is there a way to shrink the background to fit?

  2. Hi ya Leigh,

    Glad you can see the center of the designs and that it fit's well on you're screen ... Peeps that have larger screens can see the rest of the design.

    Debs x

  3. Hi Deb!!Thank you so so much for these cute backgrounds!!
    I´ve just picked out this one for "Valentina" my granddaughter´s blog.
    You can see it at http://valentinagunski.blogspot.com
    Besitos from Argentina!!
    And sorry for my poor English!!!!
    Abuela Beauty

  4. You are so welcome :) And Your Engish is perfect ♥

    Glad you are enjoying the backgrounds, great photography btw.

    Debs x

  5. thank yuou soo much for the adorable background! I've been wanting a frog on my blog and they all say something about boys and i have girls!!!

    this is soo cute! I blogged about it on my blog to tell people all about your stuff!

  6. Grazie mille! your background are beautiful! thank!

  7. Adorei..... I like!!!!!!!!! wonderfullllllllll

  8. I wanted to say thank you my blog looks great and everyone loves it.
    Im on a new Journey with Magnolia Stamps so Im totally excited to have been able to create such a beautiful Blog with your help.
    You do awesome stuff

  9. I absolutely love this design. Is there any way to get this in a 3 column format? Thanks in advance.


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