01 March 2009

Suzanne Woolcott Fairies Background Freebie

SW Red + Black Fairies...

(Make sure you are using the Minima template.)

Click here to enlarge

1. Copy all the code in the box below by hi-lighting it and
pressing "CTRL and C" at the same time.

2. Log in to your blogger blog.

3. Click on "Customise" to take you to the, "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page.

4. Click on "Add Gadget" scroll down to "HTML/JavaScript" and click on the blue "+" sign.

5. Paste the above code in the Contents
box using "CTRL and V".
(You can leave the Title box blank.)

6. Click "Save".

Header to match ....

1. Click the image below to enlarge.

2. Right click and, "save as".

With Text:
Click here to enlarge before saving

3. Edit your header and upload it from your PC. If choosing the blank header below, make sure you set the placement as:

"Behind title and description"

So it shows your text.

Blank Header:
Click here to enlarge before saving

Thank you all for your kind comments, and am so glad
you are enjoying these backgrounds :)


  1. Hola! your backgrounds are so cute!!
    Please vist my granddaughter`s blog "Valentina" to see your work there!!
    Besitos from Argentina!!

  2. tysm i am using this header and blog layout i love it tysm

  3. Wow!! you'reSOOO good at this!! Thank you soooo much for this!! I love these backgrounds. YAY!!

  4. Hello and thank you i'm using this background its so pretty!

  5. Thanks so much! I snagged this one & the matching header for my blog. LOVE IT!! Your so sweet for sharing your backgrounds with us.

  6. thank you for sharing such gorgeous backgrounds

  7. Thank you so much for your free background. We have just started our first blog and have found your images have transformed our page, they make us look professional even though we haven't a clue! You have really helped us, thanks again.

  8. hello
    thank you for this background
    it's so lovely and you are so generous
    please, excuse me for my english
    and thanks again

  9. hi thank you so much for this lovely back ground i have bean looking for some thing with fairies on it gos with my blog name thank you again it is rely lovely x liz from lizzymayfairies

  10. Thank you for your backgrounds. I've been looking for DAYS to find the perfect one and I fell in love with yours!

  11. thank you sooo much!
    they r all gorgeous..you sure have done a fantastic job!
    it takes me so long the ideal background
    and then,your works come into hand...
    yeah..love it!

  12. Thanks so much! I snagged this one & the matching header for my blog. LOVE it so mads
    bbbbbyyyy tanja

  13. Thank you so much!! I love these!!! Greetings from North-Finland <3

  14. You are incredible, thanks so much! Hugs

  15. Thank you so much, thanks to you know both of my blogs look so cute.

  16. I like this very much. But I can't change my blog background into the design I have selected. Why? How to check whether I have minima templates?

  17. nice :D
    background is so cute :D

  18. WOW!! it's so cuteeeeee!! can i get it for my blog??
    i'm newbie in blogspot :3
    thanks so much!

  19. Could you make the same background without the dolls? I love your backgrounds, but I would like to use them without the dolls, so that I could use the header without thinking it is too much =)

  20. How to i get them to go to the edge of the page??

  21. thank u so much for these great backgrounds
    i really like it :)


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