23 January 2009

Retro Teal Background


Thought I would share some backgrounds with you for your blogs!

Retro Teal Blog Background and Header Freebie.

(Make sure you are using the Minima template.)

Click here to enlarge

1. Copy all the code in the box below by hi-lighting it and
pressing "CTRL and C" at the same time.

2. Log in to your blogger blog.

3. Click on "Customise" to take you to the, "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page.

4. Click on "Add Gadget" scroll down to "HTML/JavaScript" and click on the blue "+" sign.

5. Paste the above code in the Contents
box using "CTRL and V".
(You can leave the Title box blank.)

6. Click "Save".

Header to match ....

1. Click the image below to enlarge.

2. Right click and, "save as".

With Text:
Click here to enlarge before saving

3. Edit your header and upload it from your PC. If choosing the blank header below, make sure you set the placment as:

"Behind title and description"

So it shows your text.

Blank Header:
Click here to enlarge before saving



  1. They are both fabulous debs :)

  2. Great Backgrounds Debs!

  3. thank you for sharing this great backgrounds. i just love them
    hugs hannie

  4. I feel in love with Mum's new blog look and came to have a peek :)
    I love this one and have changed mine now too - thank you - it's fab :)

  5. You're so welcome girls, thanks for your kind comments :)

  6. aaaawww! they are all so cute! thank you for my pressie - I love it!

  7. These are so cute, thanks for being so generous. I've worked out how to change my background thank you and have saved the header but can't work out how to edit the header text. What do you edit it in? I'm a bit dim when it comes to this sort of thing.

  8. Hi Clare I see you have some text on your header now well done!

    I'll pop over to your blog in a sec to leave you a little pressie ;)

    Smiles, Debs x

  9. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and the pressie Debs but when I try to edit my header it briefly shows the shrink to fit box but then it disappears before I can click on it. Not sure why. Thanks anyway. hugs Clare x

  10. just found your blog, thank you so much for the freebie blog backgrounds, they are "gorjuss". I've just used this one.

  11. I just discovered you today and now I have a brand new outfit for my blog. Thankyou so much. Edna x

  12. Gorgeous bacgrounds, I chance my blog look, when I saw your outfit! Hugs, Moni

  13. Olá gostei muito do teu blog.
    Levei comigo esta imagem (backgraund) para os meus blogs.


  14. You're so welcome Paula and everyone else, glad you are enjoying the backgrounds ♥
    Debs x

  15. Thank you for sharing the cute backgrounds!! I change my background today :-)

    big hugs, Nicole

  16. Também gostei muito deste blog e levei comigo para o meu blog um dos teus background.

  17. Hello! My name is Wynne. I have my own blog that I do just for fun. When I saw your site I thought it was sooo cute! Right now I'm using this background. I love it! If you want to check out my blog you can.



  18. Hi!! you're wonderful!! and your desings are really cute!!
    thanks for share with us!!

  19. I loved it!!
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  20. wonderful work! I love gorjuss girl!! thank you for sharing your work with us!

  21. wow, amazing desings. Cant wait for more and thank you for sharing :)

  22. These are lovely!
    You are sweet because you share them for all of us.
    Thank you.

  23. Thanks a lot!!
    These backgrounds are really beautiful!!

  24. Hi Debs just to let you kow I'm using this header on my blog. Love the Minima look but it needed some gorjussness too.

  25. Thank You so much for the use of your Blog Backgrounds they are soooooooo sweet!
    Luv Julie xxx

  26. Your blog backgrounds are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to use it on my site but is there any way it can be made to fit with a 3 column template?

  27. Hi again! I just posted and asked about editing your Retro Teal Background to fit a 3 column layout, but I was able to find a great tutorial at http://www.threecolumnblogger.com/2008/09/three-column-minima-layout-version.html and just finished editing it. It you'd like to check it out, you can see it here: http://winsomethingalready.blogspot.com/. I still have some tinkering to do, but I was very happy with the results. Thank you so much!!

  28. From tenerife, thank you for this work you share with all the bloggers, you have maked a lovely work, lots of luck

  29. SO LOVELY :)


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