23 January 2009

SW Valentines Freebie

SW Valentines.1 Blog Background and Header Freebie.

(Make sure you are using the Minima template.)

Click here to enlarge

1. Copy all the code in the box below by hi-lighting it and
pressing "CTRL and C" at the same time.

2. Log in to your blogger blog.

3. Click on "Customise" to take you to the, "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page.

4. Click on "Add Gadget" scroll down to "HTML/JavaScript" and click on the blue "+" sign.

5. Paste the above code in the Contents
box using "CTRL and V".
(You can leave the Title box blank.)

6. Click "Save".

Header to match ....

1. Click the image below to enlarge.

2. Right click and, "save as".

Click here to enlarge before saving

3. Edit your header and upload it from your PC.



  1. Loving this...just may have to snag one soon..... :)
    Wish I could do something like this.....

  2. I HAVE snagged this one, even tho it's for valentine's day, it fits with my dolls and Raggedy ann, an all time favorite. I just love it! Thank you!

  3. This is so wonderful, perfect for my Blog. Thanks so much.......


  4. thank you for sharing xx lou

    there are great layouts i love them all

  5. it's reaaly gorjuss..(like u said)..but why my background still have da old template?how to remove that?

  6. So beautiful! But don't you have a blank header? I would like to write my blog name instead!

  7. thanks for sharing...... any cutie background in green color????

  8. i love it!!
    don't you have a blank header?
    upload it please *-*

  9. Hello, I'm desperately looking for the font of this title. I would love to put the title of my blog with those letters. How could I get? I've been searching but find nothing: (Thank you very much, hope you can help.

  10. Hello, I'm desperately trying to get this type of source, to put the title of my blog. Would you please help me and tell me the name or how I can find it? thanks!


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